Fuente The OpusX Society

Leather Bracelet Black

The Bracelets: 
Manny Iriarte, known for his innovation and trendsetting style, brings you a timeless unisex bracelet, individually handcrafted with the finest leather, sterling silver, and 14k gold clasp. An outside-the-box piece that will indeed cause a sensation wherever your travels take you. This beautiful bracelet comes in two colors, black and camel Italian leather. Unique in its design, each piece includes two charms. One charm, depicting Fuente lovers, the other, Fuente The OpusX Society. Both in a vibrant hand-painted red and blue enamel. Together with Cuban Jewelry designer Rudy Santayana and his vast jewelry designing experience, this unique piece will surely be a sensation and a "must-have" accessory to your everyday wardrobe. All pieces are handcrafted in Coral Gables, Florida.
Bracelets- 14-day lead time.

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