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OXS Don Carlos J30 Lighter

The Story
After taking up the mantle from his father in 1958, Don Carlos would go on to build one of the largest and most revered handmade cigar companies in the world. His mission was simple – to continue his father's tradition of making fine cigars. Famous the world over for valuing quality over quantity, the company can be summed up simply: “Only Fuente is Fuente.”

Released in 1976, Don Carlos Cigar honors Carlos Fuente Sr. and his vision and passion with a unique blend of rare, vintage tobaccos. Made with the greatest attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars deliver the quality and complexity you expect from Fuente.
The Lighter
This sleek, compact J30 lighter will get you  the perfect light every time you're ready to smoke your cigars.The design pays homage to the Don Carlos line and surely be a conversation starter wherever you use it. 

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