Fuente The OpusX Society

Fuente The OpusX Society Glencairn Whiskey Glass (Set of 4)

The Glencairn Glass:
These popular snifters feature a wide crystal bowl and tapered mouth for an enhanced drinking experience every time. All our Glencairn glasses come from the Glencairn Crystal factory in Scotland.
Comfortable in the hand, this custom Glencairn glass has a full bowl that tapers at the rim to enhance color, body, aroma, taste, and finish.
These glasses are deeply engraved with a sand-carving method by master carvers in the US.
Width: 2.5 in (6.35cm)
Height: 4.5 in (11.43cm)
Weight: 0.8 Lbs (0.09kg)
Capacity: 6.5 oz. (192.2ml)
Material: Official Glencairn Crystal Factory in Scotland
Made in Scotland and USA

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